Commission Project

The Commission Project is one of many sponsored activities of the Margot Music Fund, the purpose of which is to commission composers to create new classical compositions, particularly for saxophone. Executed principally by President and Board member David Stambler, the Commission Project utilizes both specifically designated donations and grants, as well as money from the general fund.

The commissioning of works for other instruments is also an acceptable endeavor of the Commission Project. Funds for such commissions, however, are provided by donors affiliated with and identified by the performing artist who is engaging the commission.

The Commission Project is being retained as an important component of the Margot Music Fund because the artistic mission of the Commission Project - the creation of new works for saxophone - is one of the principal activities for which Margot and David Stambler conceived the Fund.

Important Disclosure:

David Stambler (President and Board member of the Margot Music Fund) and the Capitol Quartet (of which David Stambler is a member), are the principal commissioners and performers of new works for saxophone sponsored by the Margot Music Fund Commission Project.

Funds used for the commissioning of new compositions for saxophone may be received from donors or grants whose specific or sole purpose is to sponsor commissions, as well as from the general operating funds of the Margot Music Fund.  Neither David Stambler nor Capitol Quartet will be paid by the Margot Music Fund for any performance or artistic participation in sponsored projects. Related artistic services, such as recording, copyist services, or arranging, may be sponsored by the fund. 

Dr. Stambler and/or Capitol Quartet may at times receive payment or services from other entities, such as an orchestra, concert series, recording engineer/studio or chamber ensemble, for performing the commissioned work.